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The MSU Amphibian and Reptile Collection (MSU ARC) and Outreach

The Darracq Lab maintains an amphibian and reptile collection at Murray State with two objectives. First, the collection provides students in the zoological conservation track interested in animal husbandry the opportunity to gain hands on experience caring for amphibians and reptiles. This includes designing and cleaning terrariums, providing enrichment, food and water, and weighing and monitoring the overall health of individuals. Our second objective is to incorporate these organisms into outreach events at the school and in the surrounding community. Amphibians and reptiles are declining globally and often have a bad reputation. We aim to educate the public that amphibians and reptiles are important and that they should be conserved. 

If you are interested in an outreach event, please contact our outreach coordinator, at

Part of the MSU Amphibian and Reptile Collection and Outreach team doing an outreach event at Hart College (Left to right: Julia Steffens, Gage Barnes, Taylor Horton, Meaghan Fowler, and another volunteer from the MSU Chapter of The Wildlife Society)

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