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We are broadly interested in the influence of management and anthropogenic stressors on wildlife. We focus on effects at the individual, population, and community levels of biological organization. 

Green Heart Project

In collaboration with Dr. Howard Whiteman (MSU), Dr. Nancy Buschhaus (UTM), and the University of Louisville, we are assessing biodiversity (birds, bats, and arthropods) responses to urban greening in Louisville, KY and potential links between biodiversity and human health. More details on the Green Heart Project can be found here.

Freshwater Mussel Reintroductions

In collaboration with Dr. Wendell Haag (USFS), we aim to determine what biomarkers of health would be most useful when monitoring mussel reintroduction success. 

Effects of Races on Box Turtle Behaviors and Health

In collaboration with researchers at the St. Louis Zoo Institute of Conservation Medicine and The Turtle Race Task Force, we are trying to better understand the effects of turtle races on eastern box turtle health and behaviors.

Black Vulture Nesting Ecology and Juvenile Movements

With collaborator Dr. Matt Springer (UK) and funding from the USDA Wildlife Services, we aim to better understand the nesting ecology and movement behaviors of Black Vultures.

Effects of Invasive Species on Native Vertebrates

Much of my research involves the influence of invasive species on the behaviors, stress physiology, and populations of native vertebrates.

Glucocorticoids and Snake Fungal Disease (SFD)

We are interested in the relationship between glucocorticoid hormones and the dynamics of snake fungal disease (SFD). Additionally, we are more broadly interested in understanding how disease prevalence may vary in different snake species and how behaviors may influence disease transmission.

Management and Wildlife Populations

We are interested in understanding how different management techniques (e.g. prescribed fire) influence wildlife behavior (e.g. predation risk), stress, populations, and communities.

Dr. Darracq Searching for toads.

unnamed (1).jpg

Kiersten and Brianna hold thousands of Asian clams we collected.


Gage kayaking to find Osprey nests.


Dr. Darracq and her daughter small mammal trapping. 


Extracting corticosteroids from rat feces.


John and Brianna swabbing a timber rattlesnake.


Clay visiting one of his sampling points on the Greenheart study area.


Michelle holding one of the eastern box turtles we are tracking. 

Phil looking for a Black Vulture nest.

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